My First Puzzles

Picture & words age 2+


My First Puzzles is a set of 20 attractive puzzles cards which can be put together by children as young as two. While having fun, children use English words and get to know objects from their everyday surroundings. The puzzles cards are double-sided. On one side there is a large coloured illustration and on the other is the written version of the word in red letters on a white background. Above each word there is a picture clue which helps the children recognize the word and its meaning. The bright colours and large letters draw the children’s attention and help the children remember the word. Each card consists of three large elements made of durable materials. Children’s little hands will have no problems in assembling the puzzle to create a picture or word.

My First Puzzles can be used in all those situations when children want to play a game: travelling with children, trying to keep them amused in waiting rooms or when they are bored.

The set includes:

  • 60 puzzle pieces to be arranged into 20 double-sided pictures and words

  • instructions for games

  • instructional film clips

  • plastic inner Activity Box for the whole set with the title & written information in English

  • paper outer covering for the Activity Box with the title & written information