My Farm Dominoes

Picture with words & dots age 2+


My Farm Dominoes is a fantastic family game that can be played with children as young as three. While having fun, children use English words and get know the names of animals and objects found on farm. When you point to the cards, children say and learn new words and also remember the spelling. The cards are large in size and are made of durable materials, so that little hands can use them many times with ease. Underneath the large red letters on a white background so as to attract the children’s attention and help to remember the spelling of the words.

Dominoes with dots is a great game for practicing counting in English. There are dots on the reverse side of each domino piece. In matching the dots of the dominoes, children learn to count in English and to recognize the value of each number.

My Farm Dominoes can be used in all situations when children want to play a game: travelling with children, trying to keep them amused in waiting rooms or when they are bored.

The set includes:

  • 28 double-sided domino pieces picture with words & dots

  • instructions for games

  • instructional film clips

  • plastic inner Activity Box for the whole set with the title & written information in English

  • paper outer covering for the Activity Box with the title & written information