Fido Memo

Memory card games age 6+


Fido Memo is a set of three memory games: MEMO, SNAP, FIDO designed for children who use English in a natural way while playing the game. They learn new words and remember their spelling. Children get to know the names of animals, means of transport, musical instruments and school objects. The attractive colourful illustrations and the words spelled in red letters on a white background the attention of children. Each word has a picture clue so as to help children recognize its meaning. The picture clue is placed above the accented syllable to ensure correct pronunciation. When playing the memory game children match the words in pairs several times which helps them remember the word, its meaning and its spelling.

The set includes:

  • 72 cards with pictures and words with a clue

  • 1 card with Fido

  • instructions for games Memo, Snap, Fido

  • instructional film clips

  • plastic inner Activity Box for the whole set with the title & written information in English

  • paper outer covering for the Activity Box with the title & written information