Colours and counting age 3+


THE CATERPILLAR SET eases learning names of colours and counting in English. Through games with the set, children learn the names of the colours and count the separate elements of the set using English in a natural context. The play stimulates the child to multiple repetition of the names of the colours and counting. Each element is double-sided showing a colour and written word on the reverse. The child uses the elements permanently remembering the names of the colours, learning to count and, at the same time remembering the written form of the words used. The sheets for colouring in the set elicit the names of freely selected colours.

Besides, arranging the Caterpillar builds the child’s perception, eye-movement coordination and memory. Using the set for various games develops the child’s imagination and creativity.

The set includes:

  • 7 double-sided elements

  • instructions + 6 games for teaching colours and counting

  • pages for colouring

  • instructional film clips

  • plastic inner Activity Box for the whole set with the title & written information in English

  • paper outer covering for the Activity Box with the title & written information