Leo Maniak

It is an educational programme which contains effective methods of teaching spelling, effective reading, note-taking and memory techniques to Polish language learners.

It is a joy to witness children learning effectively and watching them share that experience with other learners. It is important that a child is convinced about the potential of his own abilities and talents. A child functions better in a group if he/she possesses original ideas, is full of initiative and yet has an awareness of his/her own individuality.

Leo Maniac has been created to bring forward your child’s full potential. The creators of this programme are convinced that each child possesses a talent and it is worth helping him to take full advantage of his mental abilities.

We teach how to learn with ease and with enthusiasm. On the basis of contents taken from a current primary school syllabus we demonstrate successful methods of acquiring knowledge and skills. A progressive growth of a child’s competences leads to his/her greater self-confidence, activity and involvement in pursuing solutions to problems.

Our experienced teachers take great care in improving your child’s spelling skills, reading strategies, concentration skills and memory techniques. We create habits of effective note-taking, skillful associations of facts and ways of approaching complicated tasks. The attractiveness of our materials make learning truly enjoyable for the child.

Given that all of this is possible, it is worth considering how much your child could gain by participating in the programme.