At this level, learning is based on more and more involving activities which encourage the children to speak. While taking part in interesting games, mini performances, board games, movement activities and manual tasks, children repeatedly revise and enrich their English vocabulary as well as respond with understanding to instructions given in English. Children begin to initiate communication in English and respond spontaneously verbally. The new songs and stories prepared for this level present everyday language and phrases and serve as pronunciation models. Hamster Flippy, the Pizza Monster and Detective Loopko help children practice the phrases and step by step introduce children to the world of reading and writing in English.

Starters level is dedicated for children 4 to 5 years old,

    • Duration of class time: twice a week for 45 minutes,
    • Size of group: 6 – 8,
    • Registration for classes: preceded by an interview with the parent.

Starters products for learning English include:

  • Class Book

  • Activity Book

  • Cut-out Activity pages

  • Stickers

  • CD with songs

  • CD with stories

  • Activity Bag

  • Pupil’s Bag

The child will:

  • Take part in lessons where all classroom language is in English,

  • Communicate actively in this language by Taking part in all kinds of activities and games,

  • Be capable of producing simple sentences based on a grammatical structure, for example, I can …., I have ….