At this level, a child learns the vocabulary, expressions and language structures defined by the programme. They can construct sentences and conduct a dialogue in English. The child is capable of reading expressions and sentences and learns to write in English. They gain knowledge by using English to learn about the culture and customs of China, Scotland, Mexico or Egypt. The child is motivated to speak in English by taking part in mini-performances and situational dialogues.

Runners level is dedicated for children 7 to 8 years old,

  • Duration of class time: twice a week for 60 minutes,

  • Size of group: 8 – 10,

  • Registration for classes: Test.

Runners products for learning English include:

  • Class Book

  • Activity Book

  • Cut-out Activity pages

  • CD with songs

  • CD with stories

  • Activity Bag

  • Pupil’s Bag

The child will:

  • Be capable of constructing simple sentences,

  • Conduct and repeat simple dialogues in English,

  • Read expressions and simple sentences,

  • Become acquainted with grammatical structures included in the programme,

  • Learn to tell the time in English,

  • Understand short texts when reading,

  • Write simple sentences in English.