At the Pre-starters level, a child has many reasons for finding English exciting. By taking part in surprising games and mini-performances, he/she becomes acquainted with specific word sets, understands and responds to instructions and conducts simple dialogues in English. When singing songs and reciting chants, a child practices English pronunciation, whereas stories raise his/her motivation for learning English. The Class Book and Activity Book help children become acquainted with learning with textbooks and provide opportunities for experiencing a sense of satisfaction and joy of learning.

Pre-Starters level is dedicated for children 3 to 4 years old,

  • Duration of class time: twice a week for 45 minutes,

  • Size of group: 6 – 8 (with or without the parents),

  • Registration for classes: preceded by an interview with the parent.

Pre-Starters products for learning English include:

  • Class Book

  • Activity Book

  • Cut-out Activity pages

  • Stickers

  • CD with songs

  • CD with stories

  • Activity Bag

  • Pupil’s Bag

The child will:

  • Get to know a given set of words, which he/she will be able to recognize and say,

  • Become acquainted with stories in English which are adapted to childrens level of development,

  • Become motivated to communicate in English by being actively involved in mini-performances,

  • Will communicate in English while taking part in art activities.