Little Ones

At this level, a child is introduced into the joyful world of Leo English and begins to construct awareness of communicating in another language. A child becomes accustomed to the sounds of English. The child experiences the joy of learning together with his parent. He/she becomes acquainted with the first simple instructions and the first words. When singing songs and reciting chants he learns the correct intonation and pronunciation. Specially constructed musical picture stories help children comprehend simple commands and dialogues. When working with the Class Book, the child experiences his first success in learning English.

Little Ones level is dedicated for children 2 to 3 years old,

  • Duration of class time: twice a week for 30 minutes,

  • Size of group: 4 – 6 (including parents),

  • Registration for classes: preceded by an interview with the parent.

The child will:

  • Become aware of communicating in another lang age,

  • Become accustomed to the sounds of English,

  • Utter words in English in accordance with his level of development,

  • Learn English pronunciation and intonation by singing songs and reciting chants,

  • Point to illustrations, allocate stickers, match elements and draw missing elements,

  • Learn English in a group, experience communication in English with peers and the teacher.

Little Ones products for learning English include:

  • Class Book A, Class Book B

  • Cut-out Activity pages

  • Stickers

  • CD with songs

  • CD with stories

  • Activity Bag

  • Flashcards

  • Pupil’s Bag

The richness and variety of the Leo English components will ensure an effective passage to successive levels.