At the Climbers level, a child learns words, expressions and language structures defined by the programme. The child can construct simple sentences and conduct dialogues in English. They prepare for learning the skills of reading and writing when they make use of the ‘Learn to Read Blocks’. Children love coming to English classes because here is where they have a chance to fly into space, become an Indian, play a role in Red Riding Hood, talk in English to a Martian. The songs, which could have well been top hits in song lists, are not just an aid in teaching pronunciation, but also help in the practice of grammatical structures. The Leo English Climbers level provides a gentle transition from pre-school to school.

Climbers level is dedicated for children 6 to 7 years old,

  • Duration of class time: twice a week for 60 minutes,

  • Size of group: 8 – 10,

  • Registration for classes: preceded by an interview with the child and the parent.

Climbers products for learning English include:

  • Class Book

  • ’Learn to Read’ blocks

  • Cut-out Activity pages

  • CD with songs

  • CD with stories

  • Activity Bag

  • Pupil’s Bag

The child will:

  • Be able to construct simple sentences and conduct dialogues in English,

  • Will read expressions and sentences with the help of ‘Learn to Read Blocks’,

  • Be capable of constructing a sentence and expressing opinion on a given topic,

  • Prepare for learning to write in English.