Leo English

Leo English for Children are exceptional English language lessons, melodious songs, unusual stories, journeys with the heroes of fairy tales, participation as actors and directors of plays, creating props, enormous amounts of physical movement and artistic activity. All the elements aim to make the learning process enjoyable.

Leo English for teachers is a precisely constructed script for classes, planned as a multi-stage teaching programme, beautifully presented musical classes, a rich and multifaceted set of didactic tools and professional methodological training. All this with the purpose that the English language learning will be effective.

The didactic tools of Leo English are colourful textbooks, songs and stories with music, flashcards and blocks for learning to read, puzzles and games, puppets and theatrical costumes. These are priceless aids for child, teacher and parents in the demanding art of teaching and learning the English language.

Why the Leo English Method is exceptional?

Leo English is the only method which allows a child to become effectively acquainted with the English language at such an early age. The classes, joyful and finely tuned to the age of the child, develop their natural interest in the language. The child begins to communicate freely in English without any difficult studying. Our original Leo English method is intended for children aged 2 to 10 and the particular levels are designed so as to allow the smoothest passage from pre-school to school learning.

Why use the Leo English method?

The Leo English method is, above all, a highly effective way of learning English in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. We would like the child to have the sense that they find themselves in a safe world of Leo English where they have unlimited possibilities to develop their language. Thanks to the detailed systemisation of the language content and planning of every stage of learning, teachers can effectively control the process of learning and parents can easily follow the progress of their child, enjoying each of their achievements. Only the Leo English method ensures such varied activities during classes. There are also the excellently designed and unusually visually attractive textbooks for language learning and the exceptional didactic tools.


In order to create optimal learning conditions in agreement with the Leo English method, we have made a profile of the teacher who fulfils all our expectations, and will guarantee the success of the children in learning English. His individual talent, attitude to children and methodological technique are often keys to successful teaching.

The Leo English team guarantees teachers of Leo English professional training which will ensure the application of appropriate educational tools fitted to the development stage of the child and promoting effective learning. We believe that only creative and suitably qualified teachers will be able to meet high expectations of parents and, above all, children themselves.

The Leo English method employs a variety of tools which promote cooperation with children. The attractive didactic materials are a reinforcement of the qualitative elements attracting the attention of children and encouraging them to further study.

Their employment ensures effective classes for which the teacher is always fully prepared. Every element can be used many times in a unique way which ensures that all the Leo English method classes are interesting, creative and, for this reason, unusually effective.

The teachers bag contains teaching aids which are an inseparable element of effective work using the Leo English method. Included are: Teachers Books for each level, set of double-sided flashcards, textbooks and activity books, activity bag with cut-out pages and stickers, CDs with songs, CDs with picture stories with music, CDs with music to accompany lessons, theatrical props, a puppet, puzzles, games, stencils and blocks for learning to read.