Leonardo School owes its present form to the passion, involvement and experience of the many persons who took part in its creation. All of the authors are united in the belief that children need to be given only that which is the best.

Katarzyna Rojkowska


Katarzyna Rojkowska is a child psychologist who has been engaged for years in promoting effective learning methods. Her broad interests in child education have resulted in numerous articles, publications and books. She is the co-author of theLeonardo programme of effective learning and of the textbooks and teaching materials devoted to Information Management.  For parents, educators and teachers she has created a series of workshops on methods and techniques of stimulating young children’s minds and making full use of their potential. Her varied and extensive experience led to the production of the Leo programmes: Leo English, Leo Maniac and Leo Toddler.

Anna Lesińska-Caudle

ELT methodologist and author

Children are attracted to such people, especially to her ready smile, her warm response and friendly attitude. Ania responds to that sympathy in a variety of ways, but also through her work. She is an ELT methodologist at the University of Łódź and has spent many years introducing students and teachers to best practice methods in ELT. Her awareness of multiple ways of communicating with young learners in English language classes resulted in the television programmes, English and Arts, as well as series of textbooks for primary and secondary school learners. She has written articles and given presentations for a variety of audiences in Poland, Hungary, Russia and Great Britain. She is a teacher trainer in post-diploma studies for primary school teachers at the University of Łódź. She has drawn on this wealth of experience and knowledge of best practice to create Leo English specially for young and very young learners.

Marek Szurawski

ELT journalist and writer

Marek Szurawski is known, not only for his fascination with the possibilities of the human brain, but also for his willingness to share his knowledge. He is the author of the books: Memory. Interactive Training, Memory. Master Training, Memory for Life. He has translated the most interesting publications in this field:Secrets of Supermemory, Supermemory for Learners, Memory on Call. For the business world he created the programme:Memory for Success, and for children he co-authored theLeonardo programme, which makes memory techniques accessible to young learners. Himself an experienced trainer and traveller, he has devised programmes that combine tourism and sailing with mind-training and co-operative team effort. He often appears in radio and television programmes to teach how to use the potential of the human mind. He provides opportunities to demonstrate learners’ unique abilities in School Memory Contests and the Polish Memory Championship. It is for these reasons that he has created the module of Leo Maniac  related to training memory techniques.

Wojciech Lemański


He composes music for films, television programmes and songs. He earned acclaim for his music for the film Edi and television series Officers. As a teacher of many generations of young musicians he knows well what attracts children to music. He himself produced the recordings and performed many of the composed pieces. His sensitivity, openness and musical playfulness come across in the songs and rich sound tracks composed specially for Leo English classes. His three sons Kuba, Antek and Jędrek often sing the songs and he is helped by his wife Magda Lemańska who composed the music for the youngest group of learners.

Anna Rogala

trainer in drama techniques

Anna Rogala holds a PH.D. in Humanities but her special interests revolve around the theatre. She herself has been performing for years in an alternative theatre and sharing her passion with others in classes at Drama Theatre Workshops. She has been training Leo Maniac teachers and enriching the programme with elements of drama techniques.

Marta Łykowska

Polish language teacher

She is a graduate of the Polish Philology Department and of the Department of Pedagogical Therapy at the University of Łódź. Her passion for teaching can be seen in her work as a teacher of Polish language at a primary school. Her quest for language accuracy and precision brought about her involvement in editorial work. She prepares teachers for their work with the Leo Maniac programme, and she carefully edits all of the textbooks of Leonardo School.

Karolina Marczak

English language teacher

Sociologist and English language teacher. For years she has been working as a teacher of English in Poland and abroad. She is known as a “volcano of energy” in all her work with children. She is the founder of the Association for ChildrenOkna  and author of numerous social campaigns: Colourful Lessons, Multiculturality and Tolerance, My Right and My Duties and Discrimination Strictly Forbidden – a campaign conducted under the auspices of UNICEF. Her open attitude towards children and teaching is reflected in the programme: Leo English Runners of which she is a co-author.

Kaja Młynarczyk

graphic designer

The author of countless illustrations found in Leo English textbooks, books, games, blocks and stories, Kaja is a graduate of the Academy of Art in Łódź. It is thanks to her that children find the Leo English materials so delightful.

Grzegorz Redko

graphic designer

A graduate of the  Academy of Art in Łódź. The author of numerous graphic designs, book covers and illustrations. His colourful comic-style drawings attract the attention and arouse the interest of many older children. His illustrations and designs for Leo English and Leo Maniac bring a smile to the faces of children and adults.