About us

By observing children taking their first steps towards understanding of the world using their native language, we have devised a method for learning English in which every detail, word, musical note, drawing or prop is calculated to promote the acquisition of the foreign language using all the senses. In Leo English, children are harmoniously led into the world of the English language with awareness of all the attributes of their stages of development from the ages of 2 to 10 years.


The Leonardo School team is a group of linguists, pedagogues, psychologists, methodologists, musicians, actors and artists who are linked by the belief that children are deserving of the very best. The child is always the centre of our attention. In devising a method and tools for teaching English language specially for children, we have begun with the assumption that effective learning of a foreign language takes place when all aspects of the child development are considered. We have found that the natural community environment of the child should be cultivated, which is why we have planned every minute of the classes to hold their concentration and built the desire to learn the language.

The Leo English Method has set itself the goal of recreating a fully stimulating and sympathetic environment for the development of the child whether in pre-school, school or home. In Leo English, the English language is ever-present, accompanying every activity undertaken by the child. Tested didactic tools help effective learning and the natural tendencies of children to learn through play, have allowed us to create unique lessons in English.


The Leo English Method ensures that English teachers achieve entirely new quality. Their methodological training, predisposition to work with children and language competence allow the establishment of unique atmosphere in the classes. Our teachers know how to engage the whole group of children while preserving contact with each individually. In the Leo English method we make use of exceptional, colourful and creativity stimulating tools which are& exceptionally useful in English language learning. Every didactic tool is of the highest production standard and meets high expectations of children, teachers and parents. According to the philosophy of Leo English, the ideal environment for a child’s learning is a carefully selected teaching method, professional preparatory training of the teacher and a rich arsenal of didactic tools. At the centre of this environment is always the child.

We invite you to become acquainted with the Leo English method.